Your benefits
  • focus on your core business and thus increase sales
  • cost savings in personnel, more flexible, especially in peak hours
  • standardized and optimized logistics: no fixed or rental costs
  • fulfillment model flexibly tailored to your needs and adaptable: expand or shrink storage areas as it corresponds to your development
  • fast response to changes in
  • clearly defined contact person, no hotlines with waiting times
  • electronically and fully automated connection to your shop
  • shipping can also be handled by a third party provider
  • no expensive set-up / set-up costs
  • integration with any software available: eg. Navision, Magento, SOAP etc.
  • boxes can either be provided by you or can be obtained directly from us as a manufacturer
  • we do not use fully automated and cost-intensive equipment, but outfitted with smart and cost-effective storage technology
  • we mainly work with permanent employees
  • high safety through redundant systems and risk management
  • minimal error rate due to constant IT-supported product and stock control
Luftaufnahme Firmengelände Fulfillment Lagerhallen Industrie-Kartonagen Maier GmbH
Flur einer Lagerhalle mit gelagerten Artikel eines Online-Shops
Außenansicht unserer VersandDienst Fulfillment Lagerhalle

The workflow is as simple as that: Fulfillment
Advantages of our IT

Speed, seamless processing and continous updates of our soft- and hardware are our main principals and guarantee a constant high performance and long-term customer loyalty. Our services shall be usable for all clients. Therefore we want to simplify technical procedures as much as possible and for instance also offer shipping-confirmations via eMail.

  • no overpriced IT-services or set-up costs
  • modern and transparent IT infrastructure
  • interface to all common systems
  • order transmission and processing within a few minutes
  • fully-electronically; type out of delivery notes not necessary
  • taking orders also via email possible

Value Added Services

Besides warehousing and shipping, we also offer further services and manual labour. Our employees are trained and have years of experience. In various sections within our facilities your products are being processed in a clean environment and treated with uttermost care.

  • confectioning / assembly / packaging
  • product refinement
  • set assembly / collating
  • erecting
  • change of labels
  • in- and repackaging
  • just-in-time processing
  • fabrication of displays, gift sets, mixing displays
  • hotline operation
  • return management
  • advanced tracking options incl.
  • notice / preferred day delivery
  • cellophane-wrapping
  • special delivery
  • campaign dispatch
  • belt idle rolling
  • labelling / LOT number (batch number)
  • tagging

Product Reviews

To outsource ones own logistics to a fulfillment provider it mainly needs trust in the company to work with. Please have a read through some of our reference to get a better picture of what it means to be working with us:

Besides the trouble-free und reliable operation as well as the careful treatment of our very sensitive products, Fa. Maier also stands out by its high flexibility.
Fa. Maier was always able to cope with our seasonal fluctuations of order quantities. Any issues in this context were always handled with at short notice and with an ease.
Sigg Switzerland AG
We are very satisfied with the cooperation. The whole procedure has worked out outstandingly well.
Maha Cosmetics

And now it’s your turn…

Are you interested in our Fulfillment? We are happy to advise you on your specific wishes and Ideas. To simplify the design, we have already gathered a few important key points that we need to create a specific offer:

  • number of products
  • required storage space: each pallet / shelf only one item
  • average number of items per shipment
  • approximately number of orders per day/month/year
  • additional information on the articles (size, hazardous goods etc.)
  • must MHD be monitored?
  • how many returns do you have? do they need reprocessing?
  • do you have any software to create the interface data? if yes, which one?
  • shipment to DE/EU or worldwide?

As soon as we have defined all contractual details we merely need the following:

  • your company’s logo
  • your goods, properly separated and tagged; with barcodes if possible
  • a list of all your articles with description and definition of quantities