Reasons for Maier

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Quality Logo rot Auszeichnung
Quality Logo rot Auszeichnung


Our main principle is quality. The best proof is the fact that we have loyal clients and a proven customer satisfaction.
Reliability Logo rot Handschlag
Reliability Logo rot Auszeichnung


We process each order systematically, accurately and check it with a team of trained professionals. You can rely on our delivery dates – not least because of our own fleet.
Expertise Logo rot Geschäftsmann
Expertise Logo rot Auszeichnung


Our employees have many years of professional experience. Regular advanced training contributes that our operation always complies with the latest requirements and trends.
Erfahrung Logo rot College-Hut
Experience Logo rot Auszeichnung


We are a family enterprise in the 4th generation. Our flat hierarchies promote a healthy and efficient working atmosphere. You benefit from our wealth of experience.
Market knowledge Logo rot Glühbirne mit Statistik
Market knowledge Logo rot Auszeichnung

Market knowledge

Due to our long term experience we know our competitors very well and can offer you attractive offers.
Technology Logo rot Auszeichnung


We work with professional technical equipment. Due to our monitored machine maintenance failures are avoided.
Confidentiality Logo rot Auszeichnung


The information provided to us will be treated confidentially and forwarded only to authorised persons.
Individuality Logo rot Auszeichnung


We treat every customer individually and look for solutions that are tailored perfectly to their needs. We react quickly and flexibly.
Safety Logo rot Auszeichnung


Our modern computer systems have multiple backups and our production facilities and warehouses are equipped with the finest surveillance techniques and fire protection systems.
Nachhaltigkeit Logo rot Auszeichnung


We are committed to green procurement and production in accordance with the Forest Care guidelines.