About us

Our manufacturing program includes the production of cardboard and solidboard boxes for shipping and retail purposes as well as a full range of advertising displays.

Under the name of VersandDienst we also offer extensive fulfillment and warhousing services.

Firmengelände Industrie-Kartonagen Maier GmbH Luftaufnahme LagerhallenFactory Grounds
Shipping, Transport, VersandDienst, Fulfillment VersandDienst.com Warehouse


Industrie-Kartonagen Maier GmbH Buchbinderei Former Bookbinding Shop
Bookbinder Johann Georg Maier founded the company in 1927. He set up his business in the center of Dettingen and later on added a cardboard production. In 1948, after 2nd World War and the associated interruption, Albert Maier continued with his father’s work.
Firmengelände Industrie-Kartonagen Maier GmbH Headquarters
In 1971, Werner Maier took over the family business, expanded, modernized and relocated it to its current location in the industrial area.
Produktbeispiele Product Examples
20 years later, along with his wife Zita, he founded the GmbH (Limited) and renamed Albert Maier to Industrie-Kartonagen Maier GmbH.
Produktion von Verpackungen aus Karton und Wellpappe Cardboard Production
In 2005 the new business division of fulfillment services was introduced. Major conversions and extensions took place.
Maier GmbH Team Familybusiness in 4th Generation
In 2014 Steffen Maier took over the managing activities of his father in the fourth generation. Since then Steffen Maier and his mother Zita manage the business of the Industrie-Kartonagen Maier GmbH.