Forest Care – Certification

Sustainability is an integral part of our business. We want a balance between economy, ecology and society in harmony and are pioneers for sustainable packaging solutions!

The interest of consumers regarding material origin and processing in the context of sustainable development is constantly increasing.

Industrie-Kartonagen Maier GmbH is certified by the Forest Care Policy. Following this guideline, we confirm that our raw materials come from sustainable managed forests and from controlled and recognized sources.


Forest Care cares not only about the sources of wood, but of the entire life cycle.

Forest Care – Guidelines

  • The raw materials being processed as there are cardboard, paper and corrugated board must come from conscientious and sustainable sources.
  • This condition is always satisfied with waste paper. No paper may be better for the environment than paper, because it is not a tree to be felled.
  • Virgin fibers and pulps may only come from Europe. Paper imports from other countries, especially from tropical regions are prohibited.
  • The ink used on the products must be free of mineral oil.
  • Additives that are prohibited by the REACH regulation must not be added. This is especially true for the glue being used.
  • The processing of the materials must be made in Europe and at least 50% in Germany. The processing or the purchase in other countries, particularly low-wage countries is not permitted. On the one hand so the environmental impact is reduced through the elimination of long transport routes and countered on the other hand also the exploitation of workers in such countries.
  • The energy for processing and manufacturing must be sourced from renewable electricity. Either the company covers at least 50% of the electricity purchased from renewable energy sources or draws power from a green electricity provider.